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MCP-3000 Cold Fluid Applied membranes are utilized in systems provide a seamless, continuous waterproofing membrane that remains flexible over a broad temperature range. MCP-3000 may be applied onto vertical as well as low slope surfaces, providing positive between slab or below grade waterproofing. The excellent adhesion properties inhibit lateral water migration between the membrane and the substrate. The toughness and flexibility of MCP-3000 (with or without reinforcement) enables the membrane to bridge hairline shrinkage cracks in concrete. Suggested areas of application are as follows:
Waterproofing foundations or exterior basement walls, or other structures that are to be backfilled.
Waterproofing under laundry and bathroom floor slabs.
Waterproofing under shower pans with separate mortar bed.
Waterproofing inside planter boxes and planter berm walls.
Waterproofing under tile or terrazzo floors with separate mortar bed.