Urethane Polymers International, Inc.
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Who We Are

Urethane Polymers International, Inc. (UPI) is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-performance polyurethane, hybrid polyurea, acrylic, and epoxy waterproofing and flooring solutions designed to form seamless watertight barriers over concrete, wood and masonry. With more than 40 years of experience, UPI has developed some of the commercial building industry's most durable, wear resistant waterproofing coatings for pedestrian, vehicular and roof decks as well as below grade construction. Each system is uniquely formulated to withstand varying levels of impact and abrasion while providing superior protection against deterioration and moisture penetration. These versatile, liquid-applied systems can be used in new construction or to repair existing surfaces and are engineered for easy application.

Our Background

Established in 1971, UPI has built its reputation on superior product performance and an undeniable commitment to its customers. To ensure consistent product performance and superior quality, UPI manufactures all of its products in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and employs a stringent quality control process. Additionally, UPI maintains a staff of long-time employees experienced in the formulation, compounding and use of polymeric materials and consistently updates product formulations to improve the durability, sustainability and performance of its waterproofing systems.

Corporate Overview

Urethane Polymers International, Inc. (UPI) specializes in the development of advanced polyurethane, hybrid polyurea, acrylic, and epoxy systems designed to form impenetrable watertight barriers over concrete, wood and masonry surfaces. These high-performance waterproofing systems are engineered to protect pedestrian, vehicular and roof decks as well as below grade construction from varying levels of impact, abrasion and deterioration. Established in 1971, UPI has a proven track record of providing high-performance waterproofing solutions to commercial and industrial facilities, including high-rise buildings, stadiums, convention centers, hotels and resorts, multi-family housing units and parking structures.

All UPI products are manufactured at their facility in Fontana, California under the strictest environmental standards in the nation. UPI understands the critical role sustainable products play in today's marketplace and is dedicated to providing its customers with eco-friendly solutions, including various LEED® qualifying products and low VOC systems. An experienced staff of product managers is available to assist customers with material selection and proper application to ensure systems exceed their warrantable life. Partnering with UPI guarantees the long-term performance of your waterproofing and flooring solutions.