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Heavy Duty, Decorative, Epoxy Resin, Seamless Flooring

Scope: This specification covers the installation of a decorative, epoxy seamless flooring which consists of a 100% solids, two-component epoxy resin binder that is blended with multi-colored ceramic coated quartz aggregate to form an average 1/8 inch thick flooring system. M-C-QUARTZ SYSTEM “S-HD” is an aesthetic, chemical resistant and durable wearing surface which is intended for institutional, light industrial and commercial use.

Work Included: Furnish and install the M-C-QUARTZ SYSTEM “S-HD” seamless flooring consisting of UI-7051 Epoxy Binder and UI-7127 Clear Cycloaliphatic Amine-Epoxy Top Coat.  The flooring is to be installed to an average 1/8 inch thickness and shall be installed as a coved base to the height specified. Apply in accordance with the architectural drawings and room finish schedules as specified and the latest instructions supplied by Urethane Polymers International, Inc.


System Summary

M-C-POXY System S-HD

Steps UPI Product Amount/100 sq.ft.
Concrete Substrate    
Primer/Sealer UI-7051 0.29-0.40 gal.
Base Coat UI-7051 1-1.66 gal.
Aggregate Flint Shot Silica 40-50 lbs.
Topcoat UI-7128 0.80-1.25 gal.